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We are a leading African AISP (Applications and Infrastructure Service Provider); Our mission is to help people all over the world realize their creative desires and provide services beyond their expectations.

VAS2Nets Technologies Limited is a leading developer of consumer and enterprise mobile value added services some of our key verticals are:

Enterprise Mobility:

We provide processes and technology focused on managing the increasing array of mobile devices, wireless networks and related services to enable broad use of mobile technology in a business context. VAS2Nets Enterprise mobility has several dimensions including security, application management and financial management.

Mobile Communities:

Our service portfolio boasts of multiple channels with platforms that possess capacity to support eco-systems, integrate with cross services, enable easy Data Sharing, execute Cross Sales strategy, efficiently manage reporting for Research and Development (R & D), Promote Partnerships, reduce duplication of effort and ultimately, promotes and sustains ease of access to target markets across Africa and Europe.

Mobile Value Added Services: our operations range from:

1. Mobile Content: Content is king! It is – Definitely! No matter how technically perfect a product/service is, without quality and appropriate content it simply will not work. We at VAS2Nets are renowned for creating, aggregating and distributing any type of content which is viewed or used on mobile devices e.g. Ringtones, Full Tracks, Wallpapers, SMS/Text, Games, Movies etc. Our content can be accessed on any device i.e. feature phones, Smartphones (GPRS/3G/4G/ 5G enabled devices).

2. Mobile Network Solutions: we have in depth expertise in the below;

• Bulk Messaging Services
• Billing Services
• Premium SMS
• MT Billing

Bulk Messaging Services

Billing Services

We provide easy, safe and stable mobile billing services offering an easy way for our clients to generate and receive payments via two primary channels:

• Carrier Billing – payments are charged directly to customers mobile number
• Premium SMS (Shortcode) – payments are made via SMS to shortcode

Direct Carrier Billing

Premium SMS

Premium SMS is one of the most popular micro payment channels of the GSM era, with just an SMS users are able to buy ringtones, pay for Access to Web services, participate in a contest, vote in to competitions, participate in TV/Radio shows, auctions etc. Its simplicity makes it widely usable across all devices.



VAS2Nets Premium IVR/Voice platform is the ideal micro payment channel for revenue generation in various business fields. The scope of application is almost unlimited, whether you need corporate services like end user helpdesk, account balance inquiry, announcements and notifications etc. or entertainment services such as mobile content distribution, voting, contests, games etc. Also VAS2Nets’s wide coverage of international IVR connectivity makes it seamless to deploy services internationally – in record time using a single interface.