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  • info@vas2nets.com


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I have a shared short-code and have different keywords setup on same? Yes

Q2. Can I have a dedicated short-code and have different keywords setup
on same? Yes

Q3. Do I need to sign a contract with VAS2Nets to set up a service? Yes

Q4. How do I apply to set-up a service? Send a request to info@vas2nets.com

Q5. How do I unsubscribe from a service? Send STOP keyword of service to the short code used in subscribing or better still send a mail to support@vas2nets.com and remember to mention the service you subscribed to.

Q6. How long does it take VAS2Nets to set up a Short code service? 2 working days for a Shared short code after the signing of agreement and payment while a minimum of 10 weeks for a Dedicated shortcode.

Q7. How do I pay for bulk sms?

• Please log on to and register on our website (www.v2nmobile.com)

• Before proceeding to any Ecobank branch to make your payment to:

Account Name: VAS2Nets Technologies Limited

Account Number: 2812003603 Using your email address as depositors` name, then an email can then be sent to info@vas2nets.com for your account to be credited.

• The price for buying bulk SMS includes;

      1. < 1 million = N1.50k
      2. > 1 million = N1.45k


You can now pay directly through our v2nmobile.com portal using your ATM cards by following the steps below:

    • Log on to www.v2nmobile.com
    • Login to your account
    • Click on Payment
    • Click to Pay
    • Enter amount and click check out
    • Click on pay via GTPay
    • Enter your email address
    • Select your card type
    • Click continue
    • Enter your card details
    • Click on pay
    • After successful payment, you will get bank sms notification of debit transaction. An email will subsequently be sent to you from v2nmobile.com and your account will be automatically credited with the paid amount.

Q8. How do I reach VAS2Nets? You can reach us by phone on +234 – 8039003030, we are also available for live chats at www.vas2nets.com

Q9. How long can my unused credits last on v2nmobile? Credit never expires

Q10. Is VAS2Nets a member of WASPAN? Yes we are

Q11. Is VAS2Nets licensed by NCC? Yes we are. Our license number is VAS/SCN/004/12

Q12. What is the difference between a dedicated short-code and a Shared short-code? A dedicated short code is one which is assigned specifically to a client/organization while a shared short code can be assigned to more than one individual but are differentiated from each other with the use of keywords.

Q13. What networks do you provide connectivity for? 4 networks namely; MTN, Airtel, Globacom and Etisalat

Q14. What rules govern services provided by VAS2Nets? These are as stipulated by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC)

Q15. What are the criteria for obtaining a short code?

• Send a detailed email stating your request and demands to info@vas2nets.com

• Attach the following to the form that will be sent to you:

i) Scanned copy of Certificate of Incorporation,

ii) Tax Identification Number (TIN)

iii) Scanned copy of Copyright of Content,

iv) Authorization letter, and finally

v) A financial projection.

• The Service Description Form (SDF) must be filled by the client before any questions pertaining to cost or revenue share can be initiated.

Q16. What are the criteria for caller tunez?

Content to deploy

Authorization letter

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Copyright of content

Setup fee is N150,000

Signing of contract agreement

Q17. I noticed some deductions on my phone after which your call centre number came up. It means you are using a phone popularly known as “China phone” and you have either been playing games, browsing or using the applications in the phone. To stop this deduction simply type STOP and send it to 38120 and avoid doing the above with the phone.

Q18. I cannot login to my v2nmobile account. You probably send out a spam message and your account was barred in the process. But if this is not the case, simply type in your username and click on forgot password, a new password will be sent to the email address you used in registering with v2nmobile. If this issue persists send a mail to support@vas2nets.com quoting the email address you used in registering.