Premium SMS

This can be used to provide premium rate services to subscribers of a telephone network. Mobile-terminated SMS is typically used to deliver digital content such as news alerts, financial information, logos, and ring tones.

Premium SMS is one of the most popular micro payment channels of the GSM era, with just an SMS users are able to buy ringtones, pay for Access to Web services, participate in a contest, vote in to competitions, participate in TV/Radio shows, auctions etc.

Its simplicity makes it widely usable across all devices, it's a simple way for consumers to pay for services and products via their mobile handsets. There is no need for time consuming registration or potentially unsafe credit card details being given; consumers are simply charged for sending and receiving a premium rate text message.


New revenue streams

  • Generate new revenue streams for your content and services

Simple way to pay

  • Premium SMS is an easy and quick way to make micro-payments. No need to provide debit and credit card details and no forms to fill in.

Long term revenues

You can use Premium SMS to bill for one-off payments or subscriptions, which provide long term revenues.


  • SMS voting
  • SMS competitions
  • SMS chat
  • SMS alerts
  • Mobile content such as ringtones and games