Flickswitch has partnered with VAS2Nets to provide Enterprise SIM Management across the Nigerian mobile networks: Airtel, Glo, Etisalat and MTN through


SIMcontrol is a self-service SIM management system that allows Enterprises to better manage large numbers of prepaid SIMs in devices/handsets
New clients can sign up and bulk load their SIMs in seconds, without any support from the service provider.

Flickswitch is a South African based company, founded in 2005, focusing on providing connectivity management solutions for enterprises through direct integration with the mobile operators charging and billing platforms

SIMcontrol enables the enterprise user to do the following:

• Easy online sign-up and registration of their online account

• Step by step instructions to add funds to the account with overall fee structure

• Intuitive web-based interface to load mobile numbers and provision airtime/data

• Setup custom rules for groups of devices to automate device level spend control, either as part of a fixed schedule or based on a balance threshold defined by the user

• The provisioning of airtime/data is automatically processed against the enterprises pre-funded account, which displays monthly deposits, sundry charges, service fees and airtime/data loaded during the month (Historical info also available)

• Daily device level usage is stored in table format to easily identify high usage devices

• Automated daily communication to users on data/airtime loaded, with monthly invoices showing details on fees, airtime/data purchases and sundry charges

• Export table data to CSV format for offline processing and reporting