Caller RingBack Tone

Callers Tune is the audible ringing tune that you hear between the time you make a call and the time the call is answered. With the VAS2Nets Tunes every call is music; you can now replace the standard tune with a wide variety of Caller Tunes for your callers to enjoy.

To subscribe via SMS:

1. SMS the keyword 'Sub' to 791.
2. SMS the Tonecode(00XX) to 791
e.g 596606 to 791. cost N100/month
SMS tone code to 4100
e.g 006777 to 4100. cost N50/month

SMS tone code to 7728
e.g 4056316 to 7728. cost N50/month
SMS tone code to 251
e.g 901546 to 251