Traditional, one-way television is dead! Your viewers don't want to just sit and watch your program any more.
They want to be involved, to participate and influence on it.

On the other hand, you must be wondering how you could additionally utilize your viewers base?
How to actually transform your viewers to your customers, to your new revenue stream? VAS2Nets Interactive TV platform overcomes both challenges.
VAS2Nets provides turnkey solution that will turn your TV program to modern, fresh and interactive media.

TV stations, as one of our prime business segments, can from VAS2Nets expect end-to-end support in interactivity introduction to their program. This includes:

- Business consulting and program potential analysis
- Comprehensive portfolio of ready made full screen, split screen and teletext interactive formats
- Complete graphics HW and SW platform installation and integration
- Formats white-labelling and visual customisation to fit TV station's identity
- SMS and/or IVR(Voice) connectivity in one or more countries content creation and constant renovation.

Please contact us for additional information and access to our Interactive TV online showroom.


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