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VAS2Nets Technologies - A forward thinking ICT/VAS Company with a vision to creating a mobile community and focused on providing total product and service solutions to our reputable client base of mobile operators, consumer brands, content providers and the final subscribers of our services.

VAS2Nets has extensive experience in the provision of hosted mobile services and currently delivers services to operator and non-operator clients. We have developed and implemented live applications using a wide range of technology channels that includes SMS, IVR, WAP/GPRS, Web, MMS, and J2ME. This breadth of experience has proven invaluable in the design and implementation of reliable and resilient mobile services. With no cost spared on infrastructure, we have strategic alliance and partnership with several global placed infrastructure providers and mobile network operators in Western Africa as well as expanding on these reach. We have invested extensively in our infrastructure and are adhering to all standards to ensure stability at all times. Founded in 2006 by AYO FAISAL STUFFMAN, VAS2Nets is a privately owned company. The Company has over 35 employees and is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. With a vision to reach out to the world, VAS2Nets is now registered and trading in UK, Ivory Coast, The Gambia and Ghana. We intend to reach our goal in the next few years. The company has also been a winner of several awards in Nigeria.

VAS2Nets Technologies in partnership with the mobile operators as well as key public health content and service providers and partners both local and international introduced mHealth in order to make healthcare a service available to all rather than a selected few. The mHealth project is a service in which the general public utilises their mobile phones to access health information on various health matters.

VAS2Nets mHealth services are accessible via various platforms including SMS, IVR, USSD, Web, Mobile App, etc. At the center of our mHealth projects are experts from various specialties whose primary aim is to add value to the lives of users by providing advisory services, health promotion and sensitization via mobile. They provide daily services that cut across languages, gender, level of education and social class while targeting the health needs of the users. We go the extra mile in engaging the best minds in designing, creating, validating and supporting every aspect of our health projects as Quality Assurance. Thus, we ensure that all projects solve the specific need they were designed and created to meet and are effective to the target population.

VAS2Nets collaborates and partners with various organizations who promote mobile Health in the countries where we are present with the sole aim of adding value to lives of people especially as it relates to health. Our experience over the years from designing, developing and innovating ultra-modern ways of providing and supporting health services in Nigeria puts us in good stead for the future of healthcare.

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