is the bedrock of Nigerian economy as it provides employment directly or indirectly for over 70% of the population .The sector is however plagued with low productivity because of myriad of problems including rudimentary production techniques, fragmented land tenure system, inadequate government attention because of crude oil alternative, ageing of the farming population, poor use of modern farming techniques etc.

Farmers and operators in the agricultural small and medium enterprises need concise and reliable information on how to increase their income and productivity. Information is required by the farmers to address the following issues:

Issues and Problems of Agriculture in Nigeria

1. A large number of Nigerians are involved in farming

2. Majority of farmers are subsistence farmers with small farm holdings.

3. Labour is more intensive in rural areas, as they have limited advance technology, rural farmers are not financially adequate, hence they can’t invest in modern technology

4. A large number of Nigerian farmers are illiterate they can neither read nor write

5. Majority of farmers in rural areas are currently facing insurgent, ill health, HIV, malaria hence limited access to agencies in urban areas, resulting in declining productivity

6. Dissemination of information on innovations in farming practices to farmers in rural and even urban areas is low. Farmers depends on extension workers through face to face contact

7. Collecting, processing and distribution of locally generated information on farm produce is a challenge due to lack of information centers in rural areas

VAS2Nets aims to address the issues by:

· Providing state-of-art, actionable information to the smallholder farmers in their local languages to address innovations in farming practices.

· Provide information for accessing capital/loans from banks which have committed funds for agricultural development to help farmers in rural areas leveraging mobile wallet

· Helping farmers harness the potential of mobile market where they can collect, processor distribute information and market their produce

NOTE: The overall objective is to empower poor rural people, especially women and youth unemployed, by increasing their access to information, resources, infrastructure and services.

Dear farmer, practice early sowing of maize at the onset of the rains to make use of soil moisture for maize growth. For more info send MAIZE to 32122 (Airtel) @N30/2days or MAIZE to 35131(9mobile) @N50/5days or MAIZE to 32126(MTN) @N30/7days

Farmers should ensure to remove or burn dirt gathered round, the farm during the day so that there won't be space for Army worms to hide and attack farm crops. For more info, send PEST to 32122 (Airtel)@N30/2days or 35131 (9mobile) @N50/5days or PESTS to 700 @50/7days

Applying lime in ponds improves soil quality, helps organic and chemical fertilizers to work better, corrects acidity when low and supplies calcium to the water. For more info send FISH to 32126 (MTN) @N30/7days or FISH to 32122 (Airtel) @N30/2days or FISH to 35131 @N50/5days


Do you know you can have access to funds to increase your farm size or livestock holding through the Bank of Agriculture? Text MFLA to 700 for MTN @50/7days

Snail farming in Nigeria is a paying business. Low initial capital, space & labor needed. Running costs are also very low and their feeds are local & natural. Send SNAIL to 35131(Etisalat) @N50/5days or SNAIL to 32126 (MTN) @N30/wk for more tips.

Always keep the pigs in piggeries or in properly fenced paddocks. They ought never to be allowed to roam to any place where infection might be picked up. Send PIG to 35131(Etisalat) @N50/5days 32122(AIRTEL) or 32126 (MTN) @N30/wk for more tips.

Avoid planting cassava cuttings affected by anthracnose canker to prevent total crop damage or large-scale economic loss. Send CAS to 35131(Etisalat) @N50/5days or CA to 32126 (MTN) @N30/wk for more tips. Or CASSAVA to 32122(Airtel) @N30/2days

Potatoes like plenty of sun, so avoid planting them in cold prone sites, as these conditions can damage the developing foliage. Your home-grown potatoes should be ready for harvest from June until September, depending on the varieties and the growing conditions. Send MPT to 700 @N50/7days

Other categories includes
Cow, cattle, rice, beans, yam, guinea corn, plantain, cashew, groundnut, oil pal, tomatoes, pepper, diseases, farm management techniques etc. across all networks.


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