FUSE is a social network, designed to bridge the technological, social and demographic peculiarities common to Nigeria & Africa in general.

FUSE is a social network system structured to enable seamless networking amongst individuals, small businesses and large organizations; anywhere and at any time, whilst providing and maintaining the privacy of its users. It is positioned to provide a convergence of technologies on a very wide range of devices.
FUSE provides a platform that allows networking between:

1. individuals – individuals,
2. individuals – local businesses,
3. organizations – individuals, as well as
4. organizations – local businesses.

Its users can network based on age, location, interests, occupation, need(s) and access other users easily and at any time provided the primary user permits it.
FUSE is available on the Web, S40 and S60, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Android devices.

Key Features:

- WAP Interface
- Video Calling
- Voice Calling
- Call Forwarding
- Voice Mail (users can send voice messages to offline users, who get the messages when they come online)
- Video Mail
- Voice & Video Conferencing
- Easy to use High-Level Privacy/Moderation (User & Admin Level)
- File & Media sharing (Video, Audio & Docs)
- Voice to text
- Text to voice
- Blogging
- Real time user posts
- Reposting of user/friend post (comments are added before user/friend posts)
- Photo & video recording capability
- Geotagging/Location Functionality (Discover)
- SMS Notifications
- Seamless contact synchronization
- Criteria based user profiling
- Smart Matching
- Communal Networking
- User customizations
- Multiple chats
- Group Chatting


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