Caller's Ring Back Tone

Music as we all know makes the world go around and somehow it touches all of us because the universe is music. It's time to put on your music cap and come up with melodious songs that will not only impact lives but also gives you monetary value in returns. As they say “let the Music Play”.

Do you want to know the way to raise money? Put your content on our Caller Tunes service, and we can curb the speculation surrounding your content and raise more money for you. To get further information on how to do this click here
VAS2Nets has over the years developed a large cabal of entertainment artistes who have released their contents for our Caller Tunes service and it has been enjoyed within and outside Nigeria.
Has your content been used on our Caller Tunes service on any of the mobile network operators???

Then follow this link to know how well your song is being listened to and downloaded by your various fans across the country.

Henceforth, you no longer have to be speculative about the number of downloads or usage your content is enjoying. We, at VAS2Nets are giving you, our artistes the privilege to log on and monitor how well your songs are doing on the mobile network operators via our MSDP (Mobile Service Delivery Platform).

…It’s just a click away and you’ll get all the info you require…
…Keep playing, Keep monitoring…Keep making money"


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